3 Sure Warning Signs You Should Absolutely Remove a Tree

A fallen tree can cause thousands of dollars in damage to property, and cause physical harm including death. Do you have a tree on your property that you worry about causing problems in the event of a storm? Sometimes it doesn’t even take a big storm to make a tree fall, but everyday wear from the elements and animals could bring a tree crashing into your house.

Recognizing the signs of when you need to remove a tree can save you a lot of damage and possible injury as well. Check the trees around you for these indicators to make sure none of them are at risk.

1. Dead or Dying

An obvious indicator of when to remove a tree is when it is dead or dying. Noticing larger dead branches above could be the beginner of a bigger problem. A dead tree may have cracked or chipping bark, dead branches, fungi growing out the base, and no living buds on smaller twigs off branches. If you see these signs, you could be dealing with a dead tree.

Infection in a tree can also be a cause for removal. Signs of pests like bugs burrowing, lots of woodpeckers around the tree, and crumbly soft wood can indicate infection. Not all infected trees require tree removal as the solution, but you should consult with a professional if you are worried about the tree’s health

2. Trunk Problems

Another sign that tree removal may be necessary is if you notice issues with the trunk. If it is hollow, it’s likely unsound and could fall down sooner rather than later. Look for any cracks or if it is leaning to one side all of a sudden. Internal decay will cause a tree to fall, it just depends on when. 

3. Location 

If any of the above problems are giving you pause about a tree, think about where it is and what it could cause damage to. A tree that is under or near a powerline could cause big problems and even start a fire in the event of a fallen limb or trunk. 

Is the tree very close to a home or other structure? A good rule is that large trees should be about 20 feet from a house, but this isn’t always the case. If you feel it’s a bit close and shows some signs of damage or trouble, you can call an arborist and get a professional opinion. They may suggest removing the tree, but it could be as simple as pruning some more at-risk branches. 

To Remove a Tree

No one wants to cut down a healthy tree if they don’t have to. That’s why it’s important to know the signs before you remove a tree, so you do so only when it’s a possible threat to your and your home. A tree may need dead branches trimmed away so they don’t fall on anyone, and then be completely fine. 

Each tree grows differently, but these signs can help you determine if removing a tree is the right decision. And don’t try to remove the tree all on your own, but work with a professional so it is done properly.


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