Steps in Assessing Storm-Damaged Trees

Steps in Assessing Storm-Damaged Trees

Having storm-damaged trees on your property does more than ruin your yard’s aesthetics. It also poses significant risks that could turn catastrophic without immediate attention. For instance, broken limbs and a torn back can result in structural damage that increases...

The Four Most Common Tree Diseases in Florida

The Four Most Common Tree Diseases in Florida

Trees provide shade and beauty to our landscapes and play a crucial role in the ecosystem. Sadly, like most living things, they can fall victim to disease. As an experienced Altamonte Springs tree service contractor, we've seen it all. Our experts have compiled a list...

What Does an Overgrown Tree Mean?

What Does an Overgrown Tree Mean?

An overgrown tree can cause more problems than one may think. So what exactly does an overgrown tree mean for you and your property? Some common issues with overgrown trees are unwelcome pests, damage to your neighbor's property, damage to your home, and loss of a...

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