Why Are There Bumps on the Leaves of My Trees?

Have you noticed unusual bumps on leaves in your tree’s canopy? The professionals at Ray’s Tree Service explain these strange bumps and what you can do about them.

If you need help inspecting and diagnosing your tree, contact the tree service experts in Sanford, FL, today. Continue reading to learn more about the bumps on your tree’s leaves.

What Are Leaf Galls? 

Professionals call the bumps on your tree’s leaves leaf galls. Galls also appear on stems and flowers but are most common on new leaf growth. These growths often do not affect your tree’s health and remain mostly cosmetic.

The galls form as a reaction to insects or other organisms feeding off your tree, similar to a bug bite on your skin. However, leaf galls do not disappear with time. Once you’ve noticed the deformities, the insect has usually moved on.

Insects do not live in the galls and do not lay eggs either. Because the cause of the deformity has moved on, it’s often best to leave them be.

Commonly Asked Questions 

Leaf galls appear worse than they are to your tree’s health. The following answers some questions about further action or where these galls come from.

How Do I Treat Them?

Once your tree has bumps on leaves, you cannot do much to remove them. However, you may prevent them through insecticides or other insect population control measures. Because the gall remains after the original problem, treatment proves ineffective.

Are They Dangerous to My Tree?

Generally, leaf galls do not affect tree health. However, if the problem remains severe, consider taking preventative action before the next spring to mitigate the issue. Galls most often affect a tree early in the leaf’s life cycle; mature leaves rarely have galls.

Insects prefer eating the new, tender leaves growing in early spring, leaving behind galls for the remainder of the leaf’s life.

What Causes Leaf Galls?

The appearance of the leaf galls can help you determine which insect infestation affects your tree. Some of the most common gall causing Invasive pests are as follows:

  • Aphids
  • Gall wasps
  • Fungal infections
  • Gall midges
  • Beetles
  • Moths

The above lists some common problems, but many insects can affect your tree’s leaf tissue.

Preventing Leaf Galls 

Usually, leaf galls last only for the leaf cycle. However, if you experience these deformities year after year, speak to a professional. An experienced tree care expert can inspect and diagnose the issue and offer help for heavy infestations.

Often, the insects bring their natural predators with them so that nature may remove the problem for you. Lessening your property’s insect population in early spring, before the trees leaf out, proves your best measure against this issue.

Contact Our Team for Assistance 

Learning about common tree diseases and their preventative measures proves a homeowner’s best option for maintaining healthy trees. If you’re experiencing bumps on leaves, contact Ray’s Tree Service at (407) 326-4019 and request an estimate in Sanford, FL, today!


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