5 Best Evergreen Shade Trees for Your Backyard

Evergreen trees are a popular choice for Florida homes because they maintain their bright green coverage throughout the year. Unlike deciduous trees, evergreen trees don’t shed their leaves or needles during the winter. Evergreen trees are also durable and tend to grow quickly. So today, the team at Ray’s Tree Service is here to talk about the five best evergreen shade trees for your backyard. 

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1. Indian Laurel

Ficus nitida, or Indian Laurel Figs, is an extremely common evergreen tree with dense foliage and a high growth rate. Laurel figs are useful if you want enhanced privacy, as the dense foliage can block the view of your yard from the street. Indian laurels are also flexible and adaptable, so you can plant and cultivate them into most shapes. Laurels grow best in hot, dry areas but are adaptable enough to grow in Florida in well-drained soil. 

2. American Arborvitae

American arborvitae is one of the hardiest and most durable types of evergreen shade trees and features an extremely fast growth rate of up to three feet a year. American arborvitae features branches with pine arrangements up to two feet wide. American arborvitae trees can also live up to 150 years, assuming proper care and maintenance. 

3. Leyland Cypress

Leyland cypress trees are a hybrid of Monterey cypress and false cypress and feature a straight profile and broad spread of needles. Leyland cypress trees have a growth rate of about one and a half feet per year and can grow to 70 feet tall in optimal conditions. The straight trunk profile makes these trees especially useful for hedges and property dividing lines. 

4. Eucalyptus Trees

Eucalyptus trees are an extremely common evergreen tree in the United States because they grow year-round and can thrive in a wide range of climates and weather conditions. Eucalyptus trees grow up to three feet a year and easily reach over 100 feet at full maturity. Despite their impressive size, eucalyptus trees are relatively narrow, so you can plan them in a row without creating too much clutter. 

5. Hemlock Trees

Hemlock is an ancient kind of tree that was originally prized for its medicinal value. Modern medicines have no need for hemlock, so now it’s a popular shade tree for homes and yards. Hemlock trees grow up to two feet a year and reach a mature height of 40 to 70 feet. Like laurel trees, hemlock has extremely dense needle bunches, making these evergreen shade trees useful for privacy. 

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