How to Dry Out an Overwatered Tree

Many Florida property owners love taking care of plants and trees in their yards, but many wonder how to dry out an overwatered tree. While having good intentions, you might be supplying your trees with a damaging amount of water. In this guide, we’ll go over the telltale signs a tree is overwatered and what you can do to protect your trees’ health.

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Symptoms of an Overwatered Tree

Caring for and planting trees is a fun and exciting process, but overwatering is all too common.

Overwatering and environmental conditions can provide a tree with too much water. Some signs include algae or mushroom growth around the roots or yellow leaves. You might also notice sogginess or wilting leaves.

Ways to Dry Out an Overwatered Tree

Here are three key methods for dealing with overwatered trees:


One of the best things to do if you have an overwatered tree is to change the way you water. If you have a sprinkler system going or a frequent hand-watering routine, now is the time to cut back. Until you can restore your tree to a healthier state, put a pause on your watering habits.

Evaporation rates are going to be higher in areas with too much water. If you want to know how to dry out an overwatered tree, cut back to remove the extra moisture.

Relocate Trees 

Your tree could simply be in a non-ideal spot for its proper growing conditions. If it’s in a moist area but needs plenty of drainage, it makes sense that it would have problems. Consider your tree type before relocating it to find the best spot for its needs.

Make Soil and Nutrient Changes

You can add organic matter to the trees’ soil if your trees could benefit from more oxygen. This will give the roots more room to breathe. You can also aerate them for better water absorption. 

Fertilizer can end up making overwatering worse because your trees are receiving too much water and experiencing root damage. When this happens, trees can’t access the water through their roots, making the excess watering efforts a waste. 

Tips for Optimal Tree Conditions and Health

Some other notes for healthy trees include:

  • If several inches of soil are moist, it’s a sure-fire sign you’ve overwatered and should make changes.
  • Use planters and pots with holes at the bottom for ideal drainage. 
  • The frequency in which you water your trees will vary based on your area and tree types.

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