Ways on How to Identify a Dead Tree for Removal

Dead trees are a ticking time bomb. A strong gust of wind can easily topple one, causing damage to property and injuring people nearby. If you want to avoid such disasters, it’s crucial to know how to identify a dead tree.

Our experts at Ray’s Tree Service put together a list of ways you can determine your tree’s condition.

Watch Out for these Warning Signs

A visual inspection can tell you a lot about the health of your tree. If you see any of the following, it’s time to call in a professional:

Fungal Growth

If your tree has mushrooms or bracket fungi growing on its surface, it’s a sign of decay. The presence of these fungi indicates that the tree can no longer fight off disease and is in the process of decomposing.

Tree Trunk Damage

Look for cracks, splits, holes, or cavities in the trunk. These are all signs that the tree is deteriorating and may not be able to support its own weight much longer.

We also recommend checking the bark for signs of damage. If it’s peeling, flaking, or falling off too easily, that’s another warning sign that the tree is in trouble.

Foliage Issues

It’s a red flag if your deciduous trees barely have bare branches during the growing season. You should also keep an eye out for discolored, wilting, or oddly shaped leaves.

Evergreens can be tricky to assess since they don’t lose their foliage. However, when you notice browning needles or sparse growth, those are signs that the tree is dying.

Unhealthy Roots

Even with the roots hidden underground, you can tell a lot about their condition by looking at the tree itself. If the trunk is leaning to one side or the tree seems top-heavy, it could indicate that the roots are not providing enough support.

Call a top-notch tree removal company in Sanford before the tree falls and causes damage to your property.

Perform the Scratch and Break Test

Another simple way of knowing how to identify a dead tree is the scratch and break test. To perform it, you’ll need a small knife or screwdriver.

First, find a branch at least six inches in diameter and scratch the bark with your tool. When the wood beneath is green, that means the tree is alive.

However, if the wood is brown or crumbly, that means the tree is dead. Check other branches around the tree to see if they’re in a similar condition.

Consult With a Trusted Tree Service

If you remain unsure, it’s always best to consult with a professional. The experienced arborists at Ray’s Tree Service know how to identify a dead tree and can provide you with expert advice.

When it’s beyond saving, we might recommend tree removal to:

  • Prevent damage to your property
  • Keep people safe from injury
  • Improve the look of your landscape
  • Free up space for new plantings

Consult with our experts and know the warning signs when you must remove a tree.


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