How to Stop a Tree From Growing Too Tall

Trees are majestic specimens that can add charm and appeal to any Sandford, FL, property. However, sometimes trees grow too large and adversely affect their surroundings, including your home. Unfortunately, most Sandford residents don’t know how to stop a tree from growing once it reaches an ideal height.

That’s why Ray’s Tree Service constructed a short guide to teach you how to stop a tree from growing without causing damage or taking away from its appeal.

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Stopping Tree Growth: Best Practices

Although you can’t prevent a tree from growing completely, there are a few ways to delay the process. Many people underestimate their trees’ size and plant them in confined spaces that aren’t ideal for fully-grown trees. Most arborists recommend the following when planting trees.

  • Plant trees at least 15 feet away from structures
  • Avoid planting trees within 10 feet of utility lines 
  • Plant trees at least 10 feet away from walkways, driveways, roads, and underground utilities

However, sometimes accidents happen and require you to take action before the tree becomes oversized. Continue reading to learn how to stop a tree from growing.

Corrective Pruning

Corrective pruning is one of the most effective methods to hinder tree growth. It consists of trimming various damaged, broken, and weak limbs from a tree’s canopy. You can prune trees to reduce its overall size while improving its appearance and health. 

Try to prune overgrown trees during the early spring when they are still dormant. This will make the process easier and much faster. 

That said, it’s best to hire an arborist to prune the tree for you since it can get very dangerous without the correct tools and training. It also ensures a fantastic final product, reducing the tree’s size without tarnishing its appearance.

Growth Regulators

Growth regulators feature hormones that suppress tree growth by hindering offshoot production. Arborists inject these regulators into the tree’s base, allowing it to adjust to the growing space. 

Growth regulators can also improve the tree’s health if it’s overusing resources. They reduce resource intake and help the tree adapt to its conditions.

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If you want to learn how to stop a tree from growing without negatively impacting its health and appearance, contact Ray’s Tree Service. Our arborists in Sanford, FL, will help you control tree growth while taking their visual appeal to new heights. Whether you need to prune an overgrown tree or want to find another water source for your garden, Ray’s Tree Service is here to help.

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