What Does an Overgrown Tree Mean?

An overgrown tree can cause more problems than one may think. So what exactly does an overgrown tree mean for you and your property? Some common issues with overgrown trees are unwelcome pests, damage to your neighbor’s property, damage to your home, and loss of a home’s aesthetic appeal. 

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Damage Your Property or Neighbor’s Property 

An overgrown tree poses many risks to your private property and neighbors, especially when bad weather hits. Because overgrown trees have heavy branches, they quickly become hazardous. Strong winds or a heavy storm can add extra weight to the limbs, causing them to break off from the tree. 

When these large tree branches snap off, they can fall on your home or neighbor’s property. In addition, fallen limbs lead to costly repairs, such as fixing your roof, siding, fencing, and more. To prevent damage caused by overgrown trees, call Ray’s Tree Service professionals for all your tree trimming needs. 

Hidden Dying or Dead Branches 

Another major issue with an overgrown tree is the inability to see potentially hazardous limbs inside the canopy. Dead or dying branches could pose a risk to nearby power lines, your home, and even nearby trees. 

In addition to the possibility of fallen limbs, dying or dead branches might cause damage to the overall health of your tree. Sick branches are likely to interrupt the distribution of nutrients to the rest of the tree, causing it to die. Having an expert inspect your overgrown tree is a smart way to ensure your tree and its branches are safe. 

Hidden Animals or Pests

It is easy for insects and animals to make the inside of the tree canopy their home undetected when the tree’s canopy is overgrown. Snakes, opossums, rats, and bugs can easily hide in the overgrown branches and may even infest your home. 

Improve the Overall Look of Your Home 

A well-manicured lawn is essential if you want to sell your home. Overgrown trees can make your property look run-down and unappealing. When you have well-trimmed trees, your property is safer and looks better. 

Hire the Professionals at Ray’s Tree Service 

Ray’s Tree Service is fully licensed and insured and has the knowledge and experience to inspect tree species and recommend the proper care. In addition, we provide honest pricing and simple solutions to all of your tree problems. 

It is helpful to know how to identify a tree for removal and how to identify an overgrown tree. When you have one of our professionals inspect your overgrown trees, they will determine if there are any dangerous limbs, check for threatening insects, and trim your trees to look their best. 

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