Sanford, FL Tree Care Company Offers Winter Tree Pruning Tips

Unlike humans that get to huddle indoors in the warmth in front of heaters and fireplaces, trees have to stay outdoors in the cold throughout the winter season. To handle this, they go into a sort of hibernation. 

They lose their leaves, lower their activities, and basically hunker down for the season ahead. This period is the best time to perform some tree care activities like pruning. Tree pruning at the end of winter or early spring will prepare the tree for rigorous growth in the next season when warmth rolls in.

Winter Pruning Tips To Keep Your Trees Safe

Pruning is an important tree care procedure and needs to be done properly. Professional tree care specialists are the best choices for this process. Having said this, there are some general winter pruning tips that should be adhered to, some of which include:

  •         It is a good idea to prune on a mild, dry day. This makes it harder for waterborne diseases to spread.
  •         It is important not to prune too early in winter. This could make the cuts dry out when temperatures get really cold
  •         During pruning, start with dead branches and those that are diseased or damaged.
  •         Prune away large and overgrown branches and some lower branches as well. This improves the tree’s aeration and helps it get more UV light from the sun.
  •         When pruning, keep in mind that, ultimately, you want to keep the structure of the tree. To do this, it makes sense to keep any branch that develops (growing).
  •         Make sure to prune branches at the node- the point where branches or twigs attach to another.

Where To Find The Best Tree Service Experts In Sanford, FL

Sanford, Florida is an amazing place with lots of trees. Taking care of these trees, especially in winter is a lot of work. If you are living anywhere around this area and you are searching for a reliable tree care company, then, Ray’s Tree Service is the way to go.

The company has been providing tree care services to Sanford residents and its environs for years. They are highly rated, licensed and insured, and have amazing customer service. They specialize in tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, and emergency storm service.

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