Ready to Build? What You Need to Know Before Land Preparation for Building a House

When you buy a new plot of land with the dream of building a house on it, there are a few things you need to consider. If you’re buying a plot of land in an already established subdivision, odds are, it won’t have trees or other obstructions and will already be level.

However, if your land hasn’t already been developed, you could have a lot more work ahead of you, not to mention expenses. Take a moment to read through this article to understand everything that goes into land preparation for building a house. Then, you can make an educated decision for your next step.

Clearing the Land

The cost of clearing your land depends entirely on what you’ll be using it for. For example, if you’re planning on building a homestead and want multiple acres of various crops, it’s going to cost more.

However, if you’re simply looking at land preparation for building a house, then things are a bit simpler. Here are a list of things that will affect the cost of land clearing:

  • Number and size of trees that must be cleared
  • Amount and thickness of brush that needs to be cleared
  • Distance from nearest utilities
  • Man and equipment hours necessary to complete the job.

Pro tip: a dying tree could potentially fall over damaging property or posing a danger to people and animals. We recommend having them removed immediately.

Connecting Utilities

Another important requirement of land preparation for building a house is making sure you’re connected to the essential utilities. In a developed neighborhood, connecting to water may be as easy as tying into the city water lines. However, in rural areas, it could mean digging a well or hauling water.

You also need to get hooked up to electricity. Depending on how close you are to this utility, costs may vary. However, you can also consider alternative power sources such as solar, wind, or hydro energy.

Other utilities to consider include:

  • Phone lines
  • Internet
  • Gas
  • Cable
  • Sewage/septic tank

Creating Roads

Depending on how undeveloped the area of land is you’re placing your home on, you may also have to pay to build a private access road out to your place. Depending on how well the road is built, what materials are used, and how long it is, this expense can add up very quickly.

However, it may be necessary for your long-term convenience as well as the ability for construction crews to get to the worksite.

Digging the Foundation or Basement

More often than not, land preparation for building a house includes excavation. Nature is beautiful but rarely naturally conducive to construction. Most likely, you’ll need to level the ground before any construction can take place.

Additionally, you may want a basement dug for your new home. Even if you don’t want a basement, foundations aren’t built at ground level. One of the few exceptions is monolithic slabs of concrete used for pole barns.

Codes and Permits

Finally, you would be wise to look into all of the codes and permits of the property based on city or county laws before you start doing any work. Violating any codes could result in the immediate shut-down of your project, fines, and other penalties.

Most contractors do this on their end first, but it’s always a good idea to make sure.

Want More Info About Land Preparation Before Building a House?

The most important thing to remember about land preparation before building a house is that you’re not alone! There are plenty of services out there that can get your property perfectly prepared for your dream home.

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