Reasons Why Choosing Between Stump Grinding or Removal Matters

Stump grinding or removal not only enhances your lawn after removing a tree, but can increase safety and keep your property from becoming damaged by insects or other pests. Some home and business owners think that stump grinding and removal are the same processes, though this is a common misconception.

Tree stump removal happens when you must pull both the stump and roots from the ground. Stump grinding involves using specialized equipment and grinding the stump down while maintaining the root system.

The experienced tree service professionals in Sanford from Ray’s Tree Service can help you explore stump grinding or removal options. While both have their pros and cons, here is a look at how they compare.

Stump and Root Removal

When you remove the root system and tree stump entirely, you will reduce the risk of any insect infestations and associated damage caused when roots continue to grow. Tree stump removal is the best solution for diseased or damaged trees.

Tree stump removal also maintains the aesthetic appeal of your yard and is the best way to maintain a property’s value. It also helps maximize yard space and creates an opportunity for new plants, trees, shrubs, or grass. When evaluating your options between tree stump removal or stump grinding, consider the impact that it will have on your yard’s overall appearance. You should consult with a professional tree service company if you have a stump that needs removal.

Stump Grinding

In some cases, grinding the stump down is the best removal solution. Stump grinding requires specialized equipment and is challenging with larger tree trunks. Professional stump grinders can assess your situation and grind stumps down to remove unsightly tree stumps.

Removing the entire stump and root system will leave a large hole in your yard that may require significant amounts of dirt to fill and level.

Because stumps are decaying, they are attractive to beetles, termites, and ants. Leaving a stump is an invitation to these pests, which may damage otherwise healthy plants or garden vegetables.

If a stump is allowed to remain following the removal of a tree, the root system may continue to grow. This can cause damage to existing plumbing lines, concrete structures, and foundations. Stump grinding or removal is the best way to avoid costly issues caused by new root growth down the line.

If a tree is diseased or damaged during a hurricane or other severe weather event, it may need to be removed by a professional tree service and have the stump ground or removed. With years of experience in the Sanford area, our dedicated team can help design the best stump grinding or removal solution today. Ray’s Tree Service is familiar with local and decorative trees, landscaping, and shrubbery and is fully licensed and insured.

Learn more about their stump removal services and help keep your lawn safe, clean, and free from pests after removing a tree—Call 407-326-4019 for a free estimate in the Sanford, FL area.


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