Call the Arborist! 5 Times You Should Bring in a Tree Specialist

Trees make a beautiful addition to any yard. It’s for that reason why you’re thinking about planting a few in yours. The problem is that while trees can be beautiful, they can also do damage to your home.

If you don’t take measures to take care of your trees there’s a good chance a large branch could land on your home during a storm or worse. The tree could split altogether and do some serious damage.

When you notice that your trees are having problems it’s best to get the arborist to take care of it. Keep reading to find out when you need to get out your phone book and make a call.

1. Dead or Broken Branches

If you notice broken tree branches that are two inches in width you’ll need to get an arborist to trim them right away. If a storm brushes through your area and manages to wiggle the branches free they could do some damage to your house.

You don’t only want to get your broken branches removed but the dead ones as well. Have the arborist cut away any branches that aren’t growing leaves or are missing a large amount of bark.

2. Leaning Trees

If your tree is only leaning slightly then you don’t have to call someone to come remove it. If it’s leaning so much that you can see the roots though, that is a problem.

If it’s gotten that far it won’t take much for the elements to finish it off and knock it over.

3.  Split Trunks

If there is any kind of week spot in a tree trunk, it may cause it to eventually crack and split into two different trunks. If your tree has gotten to this point you’ll need to talk to an arborist.

It poses a safety hazard because it could finish splitting all the way and fall onto your house.

4. Pruning

Your tree doesn’t have to be dying for you to call an arborist. It could be a good idea to call one if you need to have any pruning done. It’s easy to prune a smaller tree because you can reach the branches.

If you’re dealing with a tree large enough for you to need a ladder to reach the branches though, it’s better to call the professionals for safety reasons.

5. You Want to Plant New Trees

Call an arborist if you’re planning to plant new trees around your yard. They can help you keep your young tree safe from environmental factors, stop you from overwatering it, and give you care instructions.

They can also give you advice when you’re picking out your tree. They can tell you which species will best fit the climate where you live.

It’s Time Get the Arborist Involved

Rather you’re planting a new tree or trying to deal with an old one, calling the arborist could do you some good. They can give you helpful tree planting advice, prune the branches, and get rid of a dying tree. Use this guide so you know when it’s time to seek out a professional.

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