The Tell Tale Signs of a Dying Tree

Millions of trees are dying across the United States, with insects, drought, and disease leading causes. It can be difficult to know what a dying tree looks like. Trees on your property could require care right now.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the key signs of dying trees are. If you’ve got one of these, get in touch with a tree service and let an arborist give your trees the care they need!

Ready to find out the warning signs you need to watch for? Then read on and enjoy healthy trees for years to come!

What a Dying Tree Looks Like

There are many different factors that could indicate a dying tree or a dead tree.

The Tree Itself

The tree’s trunk is a good indicator of the tree’s general health. Does it have any large vertical cracks?

Is the bark solid, or is it patchy? Are there any dead patches of bark, or cankers? If there are, the tree may be dying.

The biggest red flag to look for on the trunk is if the inner bark is brown. If it is, this isn’t a dying tree, it’s a dead tree.

Branches and Leaves

Is the tree losing leaves outside of fall? If the leaves are growing, are they brown? Are dead leaves staying on braches?

If you answered yes to any of the above, your tree is dying.


Roots can often present the root of the problem. Weakening roots can be a sure sign of a dying tree. Is the tree leaning?

Flora and Fauna

Fungal growth could be a sign that the interior of the tree is rotting. Carpenter ants are attracted to dying trees, so a new infestation could be a sign that your tree is dying or dead.

How to Save a Dying Tree

As long as the tree isn’t completely dead, there’s a good chance that it can be saved. Your tree is going to need more than water, so it’s best to search for reputable tree companies who can come and help you out.

How an Arborist Can Save Your Tree

An arborist will be able to correct any issues that are causing the tree harm. For example, it could be getting too much or too little water. We will be able to correct that.

It could also be the case that the tree isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. This can be solved by using the correct mulch and fertilizers for your tree. This can also help prevent fungal infections.

If your tree is diseased, it could spread to other nearby trees. Sometimes, the only answer is to cut it down, but pruning can also help. Diseased sections can be removed, and the tree restored to health.

Do Your Trees Need Help?

If your trees are in need of help, then get in touch with us! We’ll be able to offer you a quote and start rescuing your greenery right away!


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