Tree Talk: What Types of Trees Are in Florida?

The state of Florida is most often associated with the iconic palm tree. However, Florida is a unique state with a very special ecosystem.

Because of this, it’s home to an impressively large array of native trees. It’s estimated the state has over 450 different native species. In fact, the only US state that boasts more native trees than The Sunshine State is Hawaii. 

Some of the different types of trees you’ll find across Florida include cypresses, pines, oaks, and, of course, palms. If you’d like to learn more about the native trees of Florida, then this blog is for you—read on to find out more.

The Unique Florida Climate

One of the reasons so many different types of trees can be found in Florida is the unique climate it boasts. The state contains two distinct climate zones. In the northwest, the weather is predominantly subtropical humid, and in the rest of the state is tropical humid.

This has enabled a great many types of Florida trees to grow here. In the north of the state, there are many trees—like maple and oak—commonly associated with the northeastern coast of the US. Towards south Florida, you’ll find more tropical and subtropical types of plants.

Types of Florida Trees

While it would be impossible to speak about every tree found in Florida, we would be remiss not to mention certain species. Florida is home to some of the most interesting trees in the US. Below we’ll talk about some of the most common and noteworthy trees in the state.


Florida is the only place in the entire continental US where Mangrove trees can be found. It’s a fascinating type of tree that grows in saltwater, and there are many species in Florida. The Red Mangrove, White Mangrove, Black Mangrove, and Buttonwood are the predominant species here.

Palm Trees

When you think of trees in Florida, one of the first things you’ll probably think of is a palm tree. But did you know that Florida has over 12 different native species? Some of the most common are Cabbage Palm, Silver Palm, Everglades Palm, Miami Palm, and Needle Palm.

Evergreen Trees

Florida isn’t only home to salt-loving trees and exotic palms. There are also a number of different types of evergreen trees native to the state. Some examples include Longleaf Pine, Live Oak, and Sweet Bay Magnolia.

Taking Care of Your Trees

It’s amazing how many different types of trees are native to our great state. It’s important to remember that each tree has specific conditions it prefers and treatment it needs. No matter what species of trees you’ve got growing in your garden, be sure to take care of and trim your tree regularly.

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