Ensuring That Trees are in Good Health: Five Signs

The benefits of trees are nearly endless; they provide shade, beauty, and, occasionally, fruit and flowers. Having trees around your home can even help protect against adverse weather.

Additionally, most people consider trees low-maintenance versus other items like plants or shrubs. However, knowing when your trees are in good health is essential. While most trees are durable, an unhealthy tree can cause various issues. 

Besides being an eye sore, a diseased or dead tree can attract pests or spread their illness to other trees. Unhealthy trees also have a greater chance of falling due to high winds, rainstorms, etc. 

Let’s explore five signs of a healthy tree and why to call a tree service in Altamonte Springs

1. Thick Bark 

The first way to determine a tree’s health is by looking at its bark. Trees are in good health when they have thick, sturdy bark. Unless you have a birch or maple, your tree’s bark shouldn’t be peeling or coming loose. 

You should also check your tree’s trunk for any fungi. While some fungi are beneficial to trees, most are harmful. 

2. Plenty of Leaves

Unless it’s the season when your tree starts to lose its leaves, you should have huge bundles. You should also consistently have huge leaf bundles. If you’re finding multiple bald or bare patches, your tree could be suffering from the following threats: 

  • Pest infestations 
  • Nutrient deficiencies 
  • Improper trimming or pruning 
  • Tree diseases 
  • Pesticide damage

3. Healthy Leaves

Of course, unhealthy leaves can be as much of a problem as bare patches. Therefore, your leaves should be the correct color for the right season for the best tree health. 

Tree species can have many different natural colors. Generally speaking, however, trees’ leaves shouldn’t be yellow-green or yellow. Of course, this rule doesn’t apply if they change to this color during fall. 

4. Strong, Sturdy Branches 

If your tree’s branches break or snap easily, you may have an issue. Finding the occasional dead or falling branch is normal, but finding multiple generally means trouble. 

Regardless, homeowners should trim or prune dead or dying branches when they appear. These types of limbs become a hotspot for diseases and pests. 

5. A Single Leader Stem Growing From the Trunk 

Another sign that your trees are in good health is when there’s a sturdy vertical branch growing from your trunk’s top. A leader branch helps maintain a tree’s shape, giving its structure overall stability and strength. 

A tree with more than one leader is likelier to split open, inviting destructive insects and diseases. 

Make Sure Your Trees Are in Good Health with Ray’s Tree Service

Trees provide us with many benefits while also being very sturdy. However, issues can arise, and they can be hard to spot. Regular inspections from our trained and licensed arborists can ensure your trees are in good health. 

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